South Africa: A Brief Side Story

Kwazulu Natal Society of the Arts

Kwazulu Natal Society of the Arts

I had opted for a driver to take me three hours each way between Durban and my final safari, which is how it happened that, after my last adventure, I was discussing a gift I had bought one day earlier at the amazing Kwazulu Natal Society of the Arts gift shop.

I was on my way back to the Durban airport to start my three-flight journey home to New York, via Johannesburg and London. The gift was for a fellow traveler, and when I had bought it I had supposed I would put it in the mail once I returned to New York. But now a better idea presented itself, because the recipient was staying in Durban for an extra day.

I asked my driver if there was any possibility he could drive by a hotel in downtown Durban after he dropped me off at the airport. He graciously assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem. I was already late for my flight — having cut the timing very close in order to enjoy the most out of a boat ride on the Lake St. Lucia Estuary — but once at the airport I scribbled a quick note and handed it to my driver.

Then I ran into the airport, waited in line, paid a small fee for my overweight luggage (which involved waiting in another line), and boarded my flight.

In the Johannesburg airport, I made my way to the (relatively) luxurious Virgin Airways business lounge, where I ordered dinner. As my food arrived, my phone rang. My gift had been successfully delivered.

“Did you leave me something at the hotel,” I was asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“But aren’t you in Johannesburg?”


“So how—”

“I had my driver do it,” I explained.

Amazing, I then thought, how easily such a sentence came to my lips.

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